We offer all forms of Dog Training and Behavior Modification.  We train all breeds, tiny to giant.  We specialize in Service Dogs and Large Breed Problem Solving.  Below is a list of our programs. 


Police Work (start - finish) $12,000  In this training we take your dog from 12 week old pup to finished Police K9 in 20 months time.  Ask us about our puppy placement, where we hand pick the perfect K9 training prospects.

Service Dogs -$350/Month (6-10mos)  In this training we prefer to start with 6 month old puppies and turn them into a helpful partner in your life.  Each dog is trained to the needs of the owner they will be working with. We will help you pick the right dog to work with you. Ask abot our dogs for adoption.

Protection (personal or property) $400/month This is a month to month training course where dogs learn who, when, and how to grab (bite) and hold a person until help can arrive.  Much like police work... The property dogs learn that when they are free run out of the kennel, they are to hold anyone that is not the handler.  They also can be paired with security guards to better serve on command.  This training includes agitation and bite work.  We only do this training for those humans and dogs that we believe can handle the power of a loaded weapon.

Search & Rescue $6,000 In this training dogs will learn to take a scent and track it.  They will be taught to hit targets with the scent they have been given and ignore all other scents.  Dogs enjoy this training and it is more like a big game of hind and seek to them.  We can do this training with one handler/dog team or in large groups.


Bootcamps - We offer all sorts of bootcamps for your dog or puppy.  Here is a list of some of the camps we offer.

 Basic - Here your dog or puppy will learn the ins and outs of life. He will learn basic home manners as well as Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Down.  This is a 6 week program. All for $225

Advanced - This program works great for dogs that have mastered the Basic class but still want to learn more.  It will teach all of the Basics in off lead form.  Your dog will also start scent detection and retrieval work as well as jumps and bases (premarked spot to stop or do a command). This is a 8 week program.  All for $300

Dog Friendly - This camp is for dogs with dog aggression problems that seem out of control.  In this camp your dog will learn to except other dogs and even enjoy being around them.  The training in this program changes lives and allows you and your dog the freedom to enjoy other animals. This is a 3 month program.  $800

If you have questions about any of our training programs please email me at Bransonpets@yahoo.com



Above:  LH's Is A Bella CDX is the wonderful girl that allowed me to get to the point I'm at today.  If not for her I would have been gone long ago.  She is my angel! 

Oreo is trained as a Hypoglycemic Alert Dog for a close friend of mine, Jennifer.  Under all that fluff is a dog that loves his handler and would do anything to keep here safe.

Lola: This sweet girl  is in training now as a Service Dog for a wounded Hero.  She is a great prospect because she lives to please her handler. 

Charlie a mix breed currently in training for a Wounded Warrior. 

My son helping teach Charlie to sit.  Good Job boys! 

LH's Ozark Mtn Joker.  Joker was rescued from a puppymill.  He helped my son thru a lot of hard times with Autism.  He has been retired to a pet home.

Our home grown Property Protection dog, Dobbie.  Congrats to the Cooksey family on thier purchace of this wonderful dog! 

Tango and his owner Jeff practicing at Mammoth Spring State Park. 

Cheyenne alerting me that something is wrong with my grandmother. Keep up the good work boy!       

LH's In The Florida Sunshine aka Shasta.  This girl gave us a beautiful litter of puppies in 2011 and is now living the life of a loved pet in CO. 

The late great champion polish import Xander Moloseum.  I got this boy after his retirment and could not have asked for a better dog.  He is very missed!